The House of Chutes-Lavie by Damien Fluchaire & Julien Cogne

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Aug 2013 5:58 pm | Other, Urban

The impressive House of Chutes-Lavie is the new equipment for sport and community commissioned by the municipality of Marseille, France for the 4th arrondissement. The project was designed by the architects Damien Fluchaire and Julien Cogne with durable materials like concrete and steel but decorated in a delicate manner to gain a contemporary image.

The setting of the project is in a neighborhood where the architecture is quite plain so that the new building will be on a large plot with a multipurpose building, a kindergarten and an outdoor sports ground.

The project spreads over two floors with the offices of local associations and two sports halls with changing rooms and storage spaces. The new grounds will also ensure parking spots and a children’s playground.

The building features concrete as the main material and uses sustainable techniques such as the stainless steel cladding which adds a beautiful façade while also providing a protection from solar gains.



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