House C by RTA Office

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Nov 2013 7:58 pm | Homes

With the simple name of House C, this residential project is located in Barcelona, Spain and was designed by the RTA Office with a daring geometry that features cantilevered rooms and a backyard that is in constant connection with the contemporary interior.

The designers wanted a structure without elevations, plans or sections so that the house is a block of basalt in which penetrations were made in a manner similar to a quarry or mine tunnels. This process allows a good communication with the exterior and its dark tone creates contrast with the white walls inside and with the furniture.

Although toward the street the house seems enclosed this is to maintain its privacy and to the north glass was used instead of stone to give access to the natural landscape and to the swimming pool so that the minimalist aesthetic of the interior is warmed up by the greenery.



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