House Birkensee by LABVERT

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 Jun 2014 5:28 pm | Homes

House Birkensee is a duplex located on a lake to the south of Vienna, Austria and it features a design created by the LABVERT architectural practice.

The main purpose of the home is to be a summer vacation residence and due to its natural environment the designers used a lot of glass surfaces to provide a direct access to the outdoors and a permanent view of the lake.

The foundation of the home is a wooden deck and two large sliding doors connect the terrace with the open plan living area, kitchen and dining space. The upper floor contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms arranged on multiple levels.

The bathroom integrates with its surroundings through the view of the sky that allows natural light inside while also ensuring the privacy of the inhabitants. The master bedroom cantilevers above the meadow and the other two give access to the roof to create a wave-like form for the roof.



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