Hotel Liesma Proposal by PRAUD in Latvia

By : Mark V | 6 Nov 2011 8:28 pm | Other

Even if the vision of the PRAUD architects from Boston for the Hotel Liesma didn`t manage to snatch a prize, their design draws attention. There was a competition regarding the international Hotel Liesma located in Jurmala, Latvia. The theme of the hotel was music related. The new hotel would have to overlook the Baltic Sea and it is supposed to be surrounded by a huge public park.

The advantage of this project is that it reveals some interesting aspects: every room has a view of the sea and it offers access to the balcony on the roof.The hotel works as a multifunctional place having conference halls,a swimming pool,a music café and restaurants.

Since there are no rooms on the ground level –there will be different events held here-it can very well function as a music park. Festivals,music concerts or cultural events can attract tourists as well as locals. The hotel can be open the whole year round since it has business rooms,junior suites and conference rooms.

The restaurants also can be put to use and all these facilities have a wide range of utility,offering the possibility of accepting all types of guests: families,tourists,businessmen etc.


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