Hotel Golden Holiday in Nha Trang by Tranhiveta-Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Oct 2014 11:14 pm | Hotels & Spas

The Grand Holiday Hotel was designed by the practice of Tranhiveta-Architects and it is located in the most crowded area of Nha Trang, Vietnam featuring an aesthetic that wants to be a model for tropical hospitality, with a combination of seaside weather and botanical environment.

The floors have the typical commercial proportions, with a layout of 8.5×22 meters and openings only on the front and back side. The additional sunlight and passive ventilation come from a central void introduced into the design that has a height of 12 floors and goes through the core of the hotel to bring more light inside as well as reduce the ventilation needed.

The façade was designed with greenery to provide shading and there are tall trees planted on the balconies that connect the upper and lower floors for a living exterior. The interior has small scrubs around the central void that add another green area into the project that separates the common corridor from the guest rooms.


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