Home 07 by i29 Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Sep 2014 11:59 am | Interiors

The award winning practice of i29 Architects designed this project located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands which they entitled simply Home 07 inhabited by a single family comprised of four members.

The structure in the southern side of the city is quite elegant itself and the original layout of the apartment included rooms for the staff, a double hall and long hallways which were illuminated only by the large number of doors.

The designers adapted the interior to contemporary standards by removing the unnecessary partitions to make the areas more spacious and easier to move through. The minimalist aesthetic has abundant storage areas hidden behind laser cut panels and the predominant tone is white on the floor, walls and ceiling with only a few touches of light wood for extra texture.

The atrium has a large skylight which illuminates the living area and the open staircase wall connecting the two floors is the one where the pine wood is added to ensure a natural touch into the area leading to the master bedroom with structured tiles from Patricia Urquola combined with wooden cabinets and glass.


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