Hilton Pattaya luxury hotel interior in Thailand

By : Mark V | 15 Nov 2011 1:46 am | Interiors, Restaurants & Bars

The interior of the luxurious Hilton Pattaya hotel in Thailand was designed by Bangkok-based Department of Architecture, a stylish design inspired by the lovely sea that is found right next to this impressive building. The design is sustainable and the first floor lobby, the main lobby, the common use areas and the bar are all a combination between dazzling and modern design cues.

The Hilton Pattaya is the fourth Hilton hotel to be built in Thailand, a hotel which overlooks the beach and offers spectacular views to its visitors. Glamour meets relaxation-this seems to be the motto of the hotel since its clients can enjoy the calm waters in the long pools at their disposal. The waves of the sea were the inspiration for the wavy ceiling installation made from natural fabrics that can be found in the main lobby on the ground floor.

The Drift lobby and bar enjoys the same installation on the 17th floor and they extend in the bar and sitting area,too while the undulating shapes of the sea are represented on the shiny surfaces in the hotel to create a surreal atmosphere,as if the hotel is underwater.

The terrace is unforgettable,too since the elements of décor create a magical vibe: the pieces of furniture seem to be covered in a pebble like structure ,the floating candles in the pool relax the atmosphere-all these contributing to the Hilton Pattaya exotic experience.

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