Hihou by Denton Corker Marshall

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Dec 2013 6:07 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Hihou is a bar located in the central business district of Melbourne, Australia with a design that tries to transport its patrons to Tokyo, Japan.

The project was designed in 2012 by Denton Corker Marshall with a minimalist exterior that refurbishes and converts the former two-hat restaurant Verge into a Japanese style café and bar. The design uses the existing split-levels to separate the project into a café that operates during daytime and a bar during the nighttime.

The aesthetic differs on the two levels, the café is bright and fresh, using sliding screens as the ones from the traditional Japanese architecture, and the bar is darker and moody using a timber chandelier that is also a wine rack and a screen.

There is a feature wall created with timber patterns that create a three-dimensional sculpture in which bottles and glasses are displayed between the battens while the opposite wall is the Flinders Lane glass façade and timber planter boxes acting as a screen between the exterior and the interior.



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