Hideg House by Béres Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Jan 2014 6:51 pm | Homes

The Hideg House located in Koszeg, Hungary was designed by the practice of Beres Architects and it features a single floor contemporary design focusing on the cliffs and hillside woods surrounding it.

The site of the house was used as a quarry a few centuries ago and the exposed rock still stands out, so the project was placed ten meters above the road running along the bottom valley so that it would still have access to direct sunlight throughout the year.

The wooden cabin is several feet above the terrain and there are two parts which are connected in the same black frame. The central space is the covered terrace which offers views of the rocks and woods toward the south.

To contrast the rough surroundings, the interior is smooth and has clean white walls with high tech appliances and simple eco-friendly solutions integrated into a homogenous whole. The house has very low energy consumption and it was built over a period of three years so that each element could be carefully considered with custom furniture and a lot of enthusiasm for the holiday home.



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