Haus von Arx by Haberstroh Schneider

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Jan 2014 3:27 pm | Homes

The architect Haberstroh Schneider designed the Haus von Arx residential project in 2012 extending the original building from 1951 which was converted and renovated several times during the former years.

The project is located in Binningen, Switzerland and due to the various renovations it appeared as an eclectic blend of styles and design perspectives. The new owner wished to reduce the building to its original size and its main purpose after discussions with the designers, so the old additions have been dismantled to leave room for the new expansions.

The new volumes were all clustered on the western side and they communicate with the old structure through a single side leaving the house free from all disturbing elements and allowing it to regain the classical look it had. The new volumes have a simple composition and have reduced sizes acting as a passageway and patio for the old building.

To the southwest there was a winter garden which was removed to create space for an open garden pavilion that can act as a mediator between the house, the swimming pool and the garden.



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