Hardiman Street Extension by ODR architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Aug 2013 12:51 pm | Homes

The Hardiman Street Extension is a project developed by ODR architects and it is the first stage of a plan to create several original typologies for suburban living.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the project has several features imposed by the heritage controls so that the existing bedrooms were maintained as the two rooms in front and they continue with a new bathroom and kitchen.

The space which was left became the living room and it has a chimney left visible to connect it with the backyard. The materials used are recycled timber as flooring, steel sliding doors with a neutral palette created by the white walls and furnishings that add various textures to the ambiance.

The illumination was improved with the aid of skylights in areas that didn’t have them such as a passageway and the bathroom and kitchen. These areas are now decorated with mirrored finishes to reflect the light and make the interiors brighter.



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