Happy Panda by Hou de Sousa

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Aug 2013 7:04 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Happy Panda restaurant was designed by the architectural practice of Hous de Sousa and it is located in the Paseo San Francisco shopping center in Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador featuring a large dining area in the front and the service areas in the back.

The site for the project was a long and narrow one and thus the placement of the two sections reduced the aspect of a stretched interior, while the kitchen was raised to the mezzanine level to offer extra space for the customers and a bar.

The restaurant’s ceiling is composed by CNC cut plywood suspended by several steel trusses to have a shape which is reminiscent of the traditional Chinese temples though with a simpler geometry. The ceiling also creates a transition element between the dining room area and the service area which is lower creating a homogenous and fluid interior.

There are other traditional elements as well implemented in the design with the use of modern technology such as the modified wave pattern or the acrylic privacy screens which have laser cut dots.



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