Hanwha Headquarters by UNStudio

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Apr 2014 7:55 pm | Offices, Skyscrapers

The competition for the remodeling of the Hanwha Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea was won by the UNStudio and they proposed a tower which would reflect the Hanwha Group as one of the leading providers of environmental technology in the world.

The project was created in collaboration with the Arup sustainability and façade consultant and with the landscape designer Loos Van Vliet. The main idea was to incorporate the philosophy of environmental consciousness into the architecture through interior spaces which were appropriated for reduced energy consumption and to allow as much natural light inside as possible.

The façade is composed of several LED patterns to make the building visible during nighttime and the façade panels were specifically placed to reduce the need for energy while also defining the programs inside.

The southern façade has photovoltaic cells in the opaque cladding to harvest solar energy and also act as an example of responsibility toward the environment without reducing the level of comfort or affordability in any way.



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