Hankook Technodome by Foster + Partners

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Jun 2014 5:13 pm | Other

The Hankook Technodome in Daejeon, Korea recently broke ground and it features a design created by the Foster + Partners architectural practice as an office area with fully developed laboratories to promote collaboration and innovation for the large number of technology and engineering corporations in the country.

The layout of the building is arranged as a hand, with five fingers that host parallel work stations and industrial units. This position ensures the best interaction between the research labs and the other departments as was shown from the analysis of the organization.

The staff areas are to the north of the site and there is a restaurant to the south with circulation routes creating a natural division between public and private areas so that the visitors can take a tour that would allow them to see the testing machines while operating.

The roof canopy brings the different departments together and the louvers ensure the needed shading for the offices below.



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