Hanjie Wanda Square by UNStudio

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Dec 2013 8:42 am | Other

The Hanjie Wanda Square in Wuhan, China is a luxury shopping plaza and its façade and interior was designed by UNStudio with an aesthetic that combines contemporary and traditional elements to create an impressive structure.

The façade tries to offer a dynamic aspect through the use of polished stainless steel and patterned glass which are crafted into nine spheres of different shapes which are placed into specific positions to create the impression of movement and reflection in water of the folds of silk fabric.

The interior hosts international brand stores, world-class boutiques, cinemas and catering outlets and the interior pattern language guides the customers from the central atria toward the upper levels and to the corridors that connect the areas together.

There is a north and south atria and they create two different ambiances with different geometry, materials and furnishings to differentiate between them. The north atrium features golden and bronze tones and materials while the south one uses silver and gray as the main nuances to offer both the traditional and the contemporary into a single structure.



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