Hakkasan Restaurant by Gilles & Boissier

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Apr 2013 7:09 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Hakkasan is an exquisite restaurant specialized in fine Chinese dining and it tries to provide the best experience possible in the matter of taste, either culinary or aesthetic in general. Located in San Francisco the sophisticated space was designed by the famous Parisian designers at Gilles & Boissier offering the elegant and delicate interior that you can admire in the pictures.

Featuring latticed cage-like partitions in the main dining area that are decorated with Chinese screens, this area offers a spacious design with room to breathe and embroidered leather seats as furnishings. The bar is lit with a blue neon light and it features 25 seats, while the Ling Ling lounge provides 50 seats where you can relax and enjoy the cuisine. For extra privacy there are also two separate dining rooms where you can have a small party or gathering.

The predominant materials used are stone, glass, steel, dark stained oak, Calcutta marble, mirrors of different colors, silk and embroidered leather and through the ingenious illumination and various textures, the space manages to offer an experience that pleases all the senses.



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