Gupta Apartment by ZZ Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Jul 2015 11:17 am | Apartments

The practice of ZZ Architects designed the Gupta Apartment in Mumbai, India as a high-end contemporary home for a corporate leader.

Located on the 31st floor of a luxury building, the apartment offers a 360 view of the city and the space is also decorated with a lot of contemporary Indian art pieces making it quite special. The living room has a seating created by Sawaya Moroni in the center and the backdrop is the Last Supper with South Indian Kathakalis by Vivek Vilasini. Another important piece is the Velay Shende “Dabbawala” sculpture, all of the works blending in perfectly with the ambiance and adding an extra degree of taste to it.

The apartment has a predominantly neutral palette with tones of gray and white that are perfect to host the works of art, and some special materials are also used such as braised leather Italian marble or Bianco Neve flooring with a dark wood aspect.



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