Not Guilty Restaurant by Ippolito Fleitz

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Oct 2013 4:55 pm | Restaurants & Bars

“not guilty” is a restaurant chain in Switzerland which focuses on providing nutritious food which is prepared with a large variety of salads and snacks. They recently commissioned the architectural practice of Ippolito Fleitz to design a new restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland and this is currently their third location.

Each of the restaurants tries to provide an aesthetic and ambiance that spans from the idea of a “little heaven on Earth” so the color choice is a combination of white and pastel tones with oak wood on the floor to add some texture.

The interior is long and the entrance welcomes you with a richly colored salad bar and a menu board which is designed to resemble a kitchen hutch. The central element in the design is a high table which is canopied and offers a white lacquered tree that reaches the ceiling.

There are various types of tables available either for when you want to eat alone or with a group and the interior design is filled with playful elements to attract your attention and brighten your day.



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