Grow Marketing Office by Josef M Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Dec 2014 5:25 pm | Offices

The Grow Marketing company in San Francisco required several office spaces and they commissioned the designer Josef Medellin from the Josef M Design studio to create their new areas with a contemporary style that combines elegance with efficiency.

The office area spreads over two floors in a Jackson Square building, beginning with a reception area that was inspired from the Parisian style with white office desks and curtains to divide the spaces. The lower level has groups of four desks with yellow chairs and white desks with a wooden top.

The ceiling has visible pipelines painted white and they work well with the exposed brick walls to bring a touch of warmth into the ambiance. The raised platform is accessed though a staircase and it leads to more casual working areas for the executive offices which are highly feminine in their aesthetic due to the black and white curtains with rich details on each surface and different textures for a truly elegant setting.


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