Group DCA Office by DCA Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Jan 2015 7:30 pm | Offices

The DCA Architects practice designed the Group DCA Office in 2012 which is located in the Sultanpur neighborhood of New Delhi, India transforming the former warehouse structure into a contemporary work setting.

The design offers a box in a box concept with a flexible interior layout that has both social spaces and private areas but the light can still get through each room. The Reception is the first area you see inside and it divides the interior into the interaction zone and the studio.

The wooden boxes are the areas where the clients and vendors are welcomed and the interaction area also contains a multipurpose hall for training or larger meetings as well as a lunch room. The working zone allows a lot of interaction between the studio and projects team but four boxes were introduced here for privacy when it is needed.

The Accounts department is separated from the rest of the work areas for the needed privacy and between the two main zones there are also a reception, pantry and restrooms all of them combining rough unpolished materials for an industrial aesthetic.


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