Green Bistro by Siddik Erdogan and Jorn Frohlich

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Oct 2013 2:13 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The designers Siddik Erdogan and Jorn Frohlich collaborated to create the Green Bistro in the Lengermann & Trieschmann department store in Osnabruck, Germany with a modern ambiance and an interior inspired by natural shapes.

The designers wanted to create a sustainable interior which, rather than having sharp edges, combines the lines of nature to provide a unique setting suitable for the healthy green food available inside. The bistro has several functional parts spread throughout such as the food displays, the tray shelves, benches and tables with an ambiance in which the predominant tones are the white on the walls and ceiling and the dark brown from the flooring, shelves and ceiling patterns.

The natural design is further enhanced by the white chairs and the tulip tables creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere and this is because each element of the interior was custom made specifically for this project so that everything fits the overall look perfectly.



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