The Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Feb 2015 7:04 pm | Hotels & Spas

The Grand Daddy is a boutique hotel located in Cape Town, South Africa where each room features a unique design and aside from the diverse interior the guests also have the option to occupy one of the seven Airstream trailers on the roof (which we covered in a bit more detail here) that were each designed by different local artists.

The trailers offer queen-sized beds, a wet room with shower and also TV, aircon and fridges, while the rooms are great for those inclined to try a more traditional rest place with cozy decorations and comfortable furnishings.

The hotel includes the L’Apero restaurant which offers dishes inspired from the Mediterranean culture and set between the trailers on the rooftop is the Pink Flamingo cinema. The cinema is placed outdoors and it allows the trailer guests to enjoy more than just the overview of the city from the rooftop. If these options don’t appeal to you, the hotel includes the Daddy suites as well for those seeking luxury and exquisite decorations with the interiors created by the designer Tracy Lynch.


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