Grand Army Plaza Apartment by Axis Mundi

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Dec 2013 11:55 am | Apartments

The Axis Mundi interior design studio and architectural practice was commissioned to refurbish this three bedroom apartment in the Richard Meier building located at 1 Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, New York.

The project features floor to ceiling windows to take advantage of the spectacular views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines while the interior opts for a bright palette with white walls and ceiling to make the space more relaxing and minimalist. This choice was made early in the design process as the designers confess and it manages to put the focus more on the views rather than on the interior creating a harmonious and neutral environment.

The furniture is also predominantly white with black touches for contrast and the light wooden flooring adds warmth to the interior and a touch of nature. The apartment has an open plan with the lounge in the living area integrated into the same space with the kitchen and dining area and the office is separated through a transparent casing to allow constant visual contact with the other areas.



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