Gorgeous Flat With Glass Wall Partitions

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 May 2014 9:29 am | Apartments

This beautiful apartment in Sweden manages to maintain a visual connection between the areas, making the interior seem larger, through the use of glass walls for the bedroom so that it would feel as a different area while preserving an airy ambiance.

There is a large mirror on one of the walls to enhance even further the openness of the apartment while also ensuring a cohesive whole. The apartment’s layout is atypical since the bedroom seems to be a glass encased box integrated into the living area which covers most of the loft’s surface.

A fireplace in the corner ensures the cozy living area and its vintage look adds an eclectic element to the overall modern aesthetic comprised of simple clean lines and an overall white tone. The living area integrates the dining space and it extends to a small balcony which offers an overview of the urban surroundings.

The kitchen is also a part of the open floor living area and it is white with only a few accent details.



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