Gorgeous Apartment In A Straw Hat Factory by Oscar Properties

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Feb 2014 4:58 pm | Apartments

The word “Strahattfabriken” written on the building means “straw hat factory” and this structure was built in 1887 being transformed into an apartment building after its renovation in 2012 offering accommodation right in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden.

This apartment is one of the 39 which were revamped by the Oscar Properties and it is located on the ground floor offering its own private patio along with an open plan interior. The apartment is spread over 86 square meters and it contains two bedrooms, a large living area and the aforementioned patio.

The living area integrates a dining area and an ergonomic kitchen designed in the classical Scandinavian aesthetic with navy blue cabinets and copper pendant lights in the dining area to enrich the space while also offering a view of the patio through the framed glass doors.

The patio is filled with potted climbing ivy plants and it ensures a serene ambiance with an outdoor dining table and a barbeque spot.



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