Gochi Restaurant by Mim Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Jun 2013 10:22 am | Restaurants & Bars

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Gochi Restaurant was designed by the Mim Design studio as a space which tries to combine the traditional Japanese style and aesthetic with the modern techniques.

This approach led to the use of elements such as the usual chopsticks into custom lighting sources on the walls as can be seen in the pictures. The ceiling is also attractive and was made with interwoven ropes providing a beautiful pattern and also adding extra texture to the space.

The façade is screened and thus it allows light to enter inside and offers glimpses of the interior in order to raise the curiosity of the passers-by. The interiors use modern furnishings and illumination but the colors and ambiance tries to resemble the traditional one as much as possible, using black, red and warm timbers as the predominant tones to create a warm and comfortable place which transports you into the Japanese world which everyone loves.



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