GL Events Headquarters by Studio Odile Decq

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Sep 2014 12:22 pm | Offices

The French headquarters for the GL Company which specializes in events management were designed by the Studio Odile Decq between the rivers of Rhone and Saone in the city of Lyon with two main volumes suspended on large crossing beams on the fourth floor.

There is an 86 degree shift of the two main volumes and a large atrium acts as the directional space which gives access to the various internal programs. Glass walls create subdivisions that maintain a visual connection with the surroundings and the facades are clad in black and white to give some extra privacy to some of the areas.

The color red is predominant since it corresponds with the company’s logo and it brings extra dynamic into the environment, contrasting the overall industrial tone of the aesthetic. The reception space is very large and minimalist in its design, while the rest of the areas have a complex array of pylons that still preserve a visual connection with the nearby sections due to the extensive use of glass.

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