Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Mar 2014 9:35 pm | Interiors

Giolitti is a residential project located in the center of Turin, Italy and it was designed by the architect Fabio Fantolino with a contemporary open floor plan interior that offers a balanced choice of furnishings and decorative elements to create a cozy ambiance.

The lounge area integrates a dining area and it is placed opposite the sleeping area to separate the social and private sections of the home. The kitchen is in a separate space to ensure extra space and allow cooking to go on undisturbed.

The choice of materials in the lounge is of resin and baked brushed brown oak that adds warmth and texture to the space and it is completed by rugs, chairs and sofas to create a very comfortable area. The designer tried to bring extra character to the residence with the use of precious materials as is the case with the pantry since it was built to look like a vintage cabinet with old woods.



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