Gerardo Anker Library by L+A arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Mar 2014 7:53 pm | Education

The practice of L + A arquitectos renovated the existing library on the campus of the Colegio Alberto Einstein transforming the building into a contemporary space that will offer up to date services in an attractive setting.

The Gerardo Anker Library is located in the Avenida Diego Vasquez de Cepeda, Quito, Ecuador and it is near the entrance into the campus so it is one of the most visible structures on the side offering one of the first impressions to the visitors.

The designers wanted to create a structure that opens to the surrounding campus so the new volumes were rotated and transparent facades were implemented to offer a view of the interior and to ensure sufficient natural light inside during that daytime.

The new building ensures a functional space that can be used by the entire campus community and it ensures an ideal location where the students can study or simply exchange ideas with their colleagues.



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