Generator London by The DesignAgency

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Apr 2014 8:03 pm | Hotels & Spas

Generator London is a contemporary hostel which was recently refurbished by The DesignAgency in collaboration with ORBIT and Acrylicize with a unique style for each location to reflect the culture and spirit of the city while also maintaining a daring aesthetic, especially for the social spaces.

The hostel wants to provide stylish and affordable accommodations with the renovation of the original flagship bringing the Generator name up to date. The project is located in a former police station and the interior tries to recreate the dynamic streets of London and to carry the feeling of the Russell Square inside.

The vibe of the Generator London combines industrial and classic themes in a creative way to act as a contemporary space that also pays homage to the history of the city.

The decorations inside combine the British cultural icons with rich colors and diverse social and intimate spaces. The spaces want to attract attention and to entertain but they also encourage the travelers to relax and enjoy themselves in an ambiance that is cozy and comfortable.



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