Gdansk Shakespearean Theatre by Renato Rizzi

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Feb 2015 8:00 pm | Landmarks

The Shakespearean Theatre in Gdansk, Poland is an imposing structure designed by the architect Renato Rizzi in 2014 to replace the 17th century wooden structure of the Elizabethan Theatre with a design that is more fitting to the completely changed landscape and context.

The project began from the archaeological traces found on the site but since the contest for its design began in 2004, the year when Poland entered the European Union, the project had a more contemporary aim in representing the new political context as well.

There are three main parts defining the programs, the administrative area, the main venue of the theatre and the walkway around the edges. The edges are public pedestrian passageways standing at a height of six meters above the entrance and this permits a new panorama of the historic and modern parts of the city while at the same time giving access to all three floors of the complex.

The roof can be opened for natural ventilation and a tower divides the theatre area from the administrative one. The interior combines wood with plaster and concrete set over a steel structure and the stages have been fully mechanized for diverse configurations.


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