Garden House in Brazil by David Guerra

By : Mark V | 11 Dec 2011 7:22 pm | Homes

Brazilian architect David Guerra designed the wonderful Garden House, transforming an 1980’s house into this state-of-the-art residence. The house was built for the director of a company with the head office in London. The major changes in the redesign of the place were probably the extension of the interior and the exterior and the new windows, which make the rooms seem even more spacious, since they used to be so dark in the past.

The house had to be adjusted to the day-to-day needs so some extra spaces were added, to match the contemporary architectural requirements. Some walls have been destroyed in the process, doors were turned into walls, structures have been recuperated, new systems have been installed concerning the illumination,the electric and hydraulic system,a wine cellar was added to the plan of the house,a sauna,a deck and a pool and a gourmet kitchen.

The gourmet kitchen has a neutral palette of colours,a sandy hue while the other rooms have wood in the structures.Ceramic Brennand and granite capão bonito also adorn the kitchen and they contrast well with the green from the garden nearby.

The house also seems transparent and it allows a sense of communication,the cozy atmosphere makes you want to open up and talk with your friends,the lightness makes the rooms seem spacious and everything is personalized with objects brought by the owners that have a personal value.


























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