Garage Loft by Studio OxL

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Dec 2014 9:15 pm | Apartments

This contemporary apartment located in Arnhem, The Netherlands was transformed by the Studio OxL from an old carpenter’s workshop into a residential unit with sufficient room for the owner’s electrical sports car, so he can simply drive all the way to the couch.

The workshop was flanked by a factory building so no windows could be implemented on the sides and thus the designers introduced a large patio with double layered glass surfaces to bring the needed light inside. The old industrial tones were still maintained inside through the preservation of the doors and building structure but the layout was improved to be more efficient and the climate was improved with the integration of floor heating and a heat pump.

The patio is the natural divider of the indoor areas so that the social area with the kitchen and living area is on one side while the other contains the bedrooms and a home studio.


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