Game Studio Office by Ezzo Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Nov 2013 7:35 pm | Offices

This office space is quite unconventional but still highly functional and it is located in Timisoara, Romania. The project was designed by Ezzo Design and it hosts the office space for the Game Studio 2o which is a company that develops video games.

The main theme of the interior is to look like a spaceship that has overgrown plants inside with a Huge Dark Fungus as the central element. There are also a lot of exposed pipes and shattered ceilings throughout making the office quite daring.

The idea of a spaceship offered a solution for extra space since this allowed extra height and the large floor to ceiling windows bring a lot of natural light inside to keep the plants in good shape. The vegetation chosen isn’t pretentious and only needs watering, while the workplaces are all into an open plan environment that encourages collaboration and communication between the employees.



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