Futuristic Villa Veth in Hattem, Netherlands

By : Mark V | 23 Jun 2015 12:13 am | Homes

Villa Veth is located in Hatten, Netherlands and it was designed by 123DV. The surroundings are quite spectacular, the house enjoying a varied landscape that has dunes but also bushes and grasslands. The owners of the place chose this location because they love the outdoors.

The design of the house combines traditional elements with contemporary ones.On the one hand the path seems covered in pebbles-being very traditional as an overall image,while the façade of the house has a glossy black aspect. The exterior seems to create the idea of a luxurious residence.

The traditional elements can be discovered in the use of wooden flooring that acts as a patio,making the entire space seem wider than it really is. All the rooms in the house have a futuristic style because the metallic elements of décor render the idea of smooth features. The kitchen and the main living area have an open plan so they allow inter connectivity.

Villa Veth is an architectonic testimony that the current tendencies in house design are represented by the combination of old and new elements.


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