Futuristic Moscow Apartment by Geometrix Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Dec 2014 7:50 pm | Apartments

This apartment in Moscow, Russia features a simple and highly contemporary interior created by the practice of Geometrix Design with a minimalist color palette where black and white predominate for a balanced and elegant ambiance.

The apartment is a part of the Axioma residential complex and has a surface of 130 square meters which were decorated with monochrome touches but with a complex geometry for a strong personality. The white panels are glossy to increase the light inside and the sculptural design makes the furniture pieces barely noticeable.

Most of the storage areas are hidden in the shape of cabinets or lockers and the living area integrates the kitchen and dining areas with only a glass wall defining each space to permit the light to pass through. The illumination is also simple since it is envisioned as lines running through the ceiling to create a futuristic atmosphere and some of the walls continue the lines for more light.


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