Functional Interior Designed with Soothing Pastel Colours by Int2 architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Apr 2014 9:12 am | Apartments

This small apartment combines ingenious storage solutions with a playful design created by the Int2 architecture studio to offer a functional and cozy home located in Moscow, Russia.

The loft spreads over a surface of 45 square meters and it uses white as the predominant color to increase the sensation of space combining it with touches of color to make the entire ambiance feel more joyous.

The bricks are left visible to add extra texture and the spaces communicate with one another, the bedroom being separated from the living area only by a set of curtains. The bathroom has a crossword puzzle in the tub, the kitchen has a small blackboard and there are artworks throughout each area to offer a very diverse and dynamic ambiance from the bedroom and all the way to the balcony.

The sleeping area was divided through its placement on a podium and different patterns of color define each area to separate it from the rest.



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