How Fun Hair Salon by JC Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Sep 2014 9:06 am | Other

The practice of JC Architecture designed the elegant How Fun Hair Salon in the Daan District of Taipei City, Taiwan and the project is an attempt of changing the streetscape with a more open, joyous and contemporary space.

The experience of going to a salon was changed into a journey through different moods set by several aesthetic choices and the transitory passage is portrayed through a tunnel leading inside. The design is minimalist with manly tones of gray and dark wood.

Synthetic stone was used with a carefully considered illumination for great effect and computer software aided to ensure the most fitting curves. The green roof on the top of the first floor permits the residents to enjoy the streetscape from above and it brings an additional setting into the overall aesthetic.

A small alley leads into the living area and the façade acts as an interface which sets the mood with a clean and efficient presence.


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