Friendly Apartment With Glossy Details by Melinda Néder

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Aug 2014 11:20 pm | Apartments

This modern family home was created by the interior designer Melinda Neder in Hungary for some owners that wanted a predominantly black and white ambiance with red and silver as the overall tones inside.

The home spreads over a surface of 130 square meters and the black and white were combined with anthracite to ensure a more balanced atmosphere. As the designer says: “I got totally free hand during the whole work, only I had to consider the budget. I must say I was lucky because the owners fully trusted me so I had the opportunity to dream and to realize the dreams.”

The layout is open with the living room, dining room and kitchen integrated into a single space beginning from the silvery tones of the hallway wallpaper combined with a red carpet and white glossy furniture.

Extra texture is added with the addition of a firewood storage space next to the corner fireplace and the open staircase hosts the kitchen appliances below it to increase the efficiency of the overall design.



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