Founders Hall by Overland Partners

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Aug 2013 3:51 pm | Education

The architectural practice of Overland Partners designed the second building of the University of North Texas Dallas which expands the curriculum and services of the campus.

The building offers a lot of functionality for both the students and the faculty staff while also making the University of North Texas a standalone campus with a full four year academic program.  The structure was raised in only 18 months due to the careful planning and management which led to an under budget completion.

The project is organized around public spaces and transitional areas with a main plaza, courtyards and pedestrian sidewalks making up the whole space so that, while expanding the campus, it also sets a tone for it as a whole.

Aside from flexibility, the project is also quite sustainable being LEED Gold certified and offering systems for water collection or photovoltaic solar panels.



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