Forest Hill Villa by Architema

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Feb 2015 9:14 pm | Homes

The Forest Hill Villa is a contemporary residence in the Buda Hills of Hungary and it was designed by the Architema studio with an aesthetic inspired from the Bauhaus movement and the works of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to combine the contemporary comforts with fine art and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Bauhaus movement wanted to bring together all arts into a complete installation with materials like industrial steel and glass as the predominant material, so this fits quite well into the contemporary framework with the “less is more” philosophy.

The house extends to a covered outdoor terrace and a swimming pool to take advantage of the beautiful pine forest in the vicinity through extensive glass cladding. The lower level is reserved from the parking garage and it is almost hidden from each angle to allow the natural landscape to set the tone.

The main entrance leads to a foyer that connects all the projects together and from here you can start to admire the extensive collection of art that is on display.


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