Footbridge and Rail Station Underway in Terni by McDowell + Benedetti

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Aug 2014 6:04 pm | Bridges

This 3.5 million pound project offers an expanded commuter hub for the Terni rail station in Italy to ensure faster train access to Rome and the project was designed by the McDowell + Benedetti architectural practice after winning an international competition in 2012.

The bridge has a length of 180 meters and it has a 60 meter tripod tower with two rings to connect the cables which support the main section of the bridge. The tower can be seen from the historic town center and you can have a view of the Umbrian Mountains.

The design is flexible; having a section which is supported by a repositionable truss that allows future expansions of the bridge since the long term master plan proved the need for an additional bridge next to it. The bridge has a timber deck with balustrades to create a contrast to the steel structure and illumination is integrated under the handrail to transform the bridge into a dramatic landmark during the nighttime.



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