Floating island home concept in Dubai: Ome

By : Mark V | 17 Oct 2011 6:52 pm | Other

A floating island home concept has been developed to answer the needs of island owners in Nakheel’s The World project in Dubai. This concept gave birth to another idea. Atoll Floating Islands, a joint venture between Palmerstone and Donald Starkey Designs presented Ome.

Ome is a floating home that is expected to be maneuvered between Dubai’s coast and The World islands. The floating house sits on a monocoque type structure. The design is a combination of styles. It has to be in accordance with the maritime laws and it also has to meet the standards of The World’s developer, Nakheel.

The floating house will offer a 10 m diameter seawater pool, large living areas and five bedrooms. The first Ome house will have a 32m diameter form. Ome will have a sustainable design. The roof will be covered with photovoltaic screens, making it be self powered, comprising every level of energy source: water, light etc.

The structure and design of the Ome floating house is capable of producing approximately 30,000 kW of renewable energy. That means that the energy is more than enough, it can power six households. A facilities management company will provide service and towing support.

Atoll decided to build the Omes on the Dubai mainland and if the houses will gain popularity, the project might extend for builds in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and other island resorts or beach locations all around the world.


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