Floating Cinema by Duggan Morris Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Jul 2013 6:24 pm | Other

Located along the London Waterways, the Floating Cinema is an event space and movie theater that was designed as a temporary moving sculpture.

The cinema was designed by Duggan Morris Architects and it will be run until September 30 navigating the canals of the city and host events such as on-board and bank side movie screenings along with guided tours and educational talks.

The entire cinema spreads over a length of 18 meters and includes a high quality audio system that was designed specifically for this project so that live events can be broadcasted directly from the boat.

The project’s theme is the “extra-ordinary” and it was created by the non-profit creative team Somewhere. Other projects run on the Floating Cinema include workshops, a weekend focused on horror films and there will also be a guided tour led by a Cambridge professor that will present the microscopic life of the waterways.



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