Flipboard Cafe by Brolly Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Mar 2014 9:21 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Flipboard Café located in the intersection between an emergency exit from the Bennetts Lane Jazz Club and the Brolly Studios is a small multi-level nook that offers a great place for good coffee and healthy food in Melbourne, Australia and it was created by the Brolly Design studio in 2013.

The space used to be a passage and it still is to this day, but now it also offers a destination for someone looking for a snack or a cup of coffee with cozy cubicles separating the tables to offer extra intimacy. The façade offers a view to the busy foot traffic on the La Trobe Street and one of the main elements in the space is the central staircase which makes the space seem to be distributed on the vertical rather than on the horizontal.

The interior has warm tones provided by the abundant use of wood and the nooks and niches create an intimate ambiance through their small size.



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