Flinders Street Station by Herzog and De Meuron

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Jul 2013 4:53 pm | Other, Urban

The Flinders Street Station is the main transport hub in Melbourne city and a design contest was organized for its design for which the Herzog and De Meuron architectural practice together with HASSELL proposed a project of gestalt design that implies the repetition of vaults similar to lattice to filter the light while also organizing the interior space.

Since the brief for the contest mentioned the preservation of the historical building the designers left those parts untouched while focusing on revitalizing the space through a large plaza and amphitheater that they wish to open on the edge of the river offering seating for various performances.

The new cultural facility will incorporate various cafes, bars and retail spaces while the old interior ballroom, gymnasium and administrative spaces will be reopened with the original design and purpose.

There will also be a new gallery for oceanic and contemporary art created above the historic Banana Alley Vaults and the main plaza will be connected with the station, retail and heritage building through a western market.



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