Flinders St. Station by Zaha Hadid and Donovan Hill

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Jul 2013 7:28 pm | Other

The contest for the design of the Flinders St. Station in Melbourne received a lot of interesting proposals by some of the best architects and we have already seen one of them here. This time we will take a look at the model that Zaha Hadid offers together with the Donovan Hill architectural practice.

The exterior of the project attracts our attention with the folding roof that uses a bold geometry to cover the concourse while also allowing natural light and ventilation to pass through it. This plan tries to protect the historic parts of the station and lets them be seen through view shafts.

The design tries to push the purpose of the station toward the future and expand it to more than just a mere train station but rather make it become a destination in itself with a practical and highly aesthetic plan.

The new design will feature the reopening of the derelict ballroom and the large dome will become an event space. There will be new developments in the western side of the site which will include a large commercial space and a hotel with 210 rooms with the Milk Dock and Banana Alley vaults transformed into a hotel lobby hosting bars restaurants and cafes.



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