Flex Model by SHED Architecture & Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Oct 2014 11:45 am | Homes

Flex Model is a residential project redesigned by the SHED Architecture & Design practice for a single family living in Seattle, Washington and it features a more open layout with sliding panels and curtains replacing the partition walls.

The reconfiguration was done to bring the project to contemporary standards while also including a home office on the ground floor with a family, media and guest room for the nights and weekends. The sliders are made of aluminum to give easy access to the back yard which was also reconfigured to wrap around the already built swimming pool.

The second floor includes a deck made with steel grating and cantilevered steel beams for support instead of the original ground floor wall. The panels and curtains permit a highly flexible interior so that it could be easily adapted for various purposes and the ambiance is warm and natural due to the fir plywood covering the walls with peg board on the ceiling and custom steel desks and shelves.

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