Fiesta Del Vino Wine Bar by mode:lina architekci

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Dec 2014 5:07 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Fiesta Del Vino is a wine bar located in Poznan, Poland which was designed by the practice of mode:lina architekci as a pleasant setting where the customers can enjoy a glass of wine from all over the globe.

The owners explained their goal thus: “I don’t want a winery, but a wine shop, where you can have a glass with some tapas.” From this simple wish the project began with a minimalist décor that focuses on the main purpose of the interior which is the wine.

The shop spreads over a surface of 120 square meters and aside from the wine displays you have an accessories department, a tapas bar with a tasting area where you can try some chorizo or learn more about the different types of wine.

The wine racks are made of wood with a white tone to bring more light into the ambiance while also balancing the interior. There are small tables with cozy couches and an elevation created from black and white painted pallets.


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