Fichman Penthouse by regionalArchitects

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Nov 2014 1:03 pm | Apartments

Fichman Penthouse located in Toronto, Canada was designed by the practice of regionalArchitects in 2013 to transform a small condominium unit into a permanent home for the film producer Niv Fichman.

The project was created by Drew Sinclair with a significant attention to details and a contemporary style that maintains a constant connection with the city. The renovations were extensive and began in 2009 with a promenade furnished in matte walnut and a corridor that reorients toward the view of the interior or outdoors.

The promenade exhibits a collection of Arian art and religious sculptures in softly lit alcoves created specifically for each piece and the private areas are concealed through sliding panels. The surfaces of the laundry, bedrooms or library are created to serve more than one purpose, so the desk can act as a wine sorting shelf, the millwork grille can work as an ironing table and the wall encloses the electrical equipment.


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